Bulletin 11

25 March, 2000

The operators at TXØDX continue to rack up impressive QSO totals, despite frequent rain showers. As they approach the end of the third day of operations, nearly 35,000 QSOs are in the log--an average rate of approximately 500 per hour!

The operators report that "the weather is almost O.K." There has been quite a bit of rain in the Chesterfields recently, with regular showers lasting about a half-hour each morning, but no major storms. The afternoon temperatures are quite hot, and the seas are relatively calm. The forecast calls for this pattern to continue through the end of the operation. Despite the rain, everyone remains in good spirits!

As of 2100Z, 25 March, JA1BK reports 900 QSOs in the 6-meter log, with stations worked from the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, Australia, Japan and South Korea. An Internet log search is now available for 6 meter QSOs only (log data through 0732Z, March 23). The HF log search will not be available until a few days after the operation. See the web site (http://www.n4gn.com/tx0dx/) for more details.

OH2BH reports that the best window for U.S. stations on the higher bands will be 0000 - 0500Z for the three days after the contest (Monday through Wednesday). They intend to hit these openings hard. For low band enthusiasts, operations on 80 and 160 will also begin in earnest on Monday.

The TXØDX operation is expected to continue operating "at full force" until 0500Z, 29 March, when the team will begin disassembling some antennas. At least two stations will continue operating until approximately 2200Z, 29 March.

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