Bulletin 04

12 March, 2000

158° 19' East, 19° 52' South

The Chesterfield Islands DXpedition team will sign TXØDX once it has been determined that the IARU vote has confirmed ARANC as an official IARU member society. This would be the Event Date for the proposed new DXCC entity. DXCC status for the Chesterfields will still require an affirmative vote by the DXAC ragarding Section II criteria.

In activating a new DXCC entity, the goal of the DXpedition will be to put the new country into the logs of as many DXers as possible. The operating strategy will reflect that goal. The most important feedback will be your e-mails giving the opening, peak, and closing times of band openings to your area.

These comments are most important where the band openings are short. Be sure to mention LP, SP and even skew paths. Other comments that will help the maximum number of DXers work this new one are most welcome. Send your e-mail to k6gnx@telemetry.com. Every comment will be considered.

Regional pilots F6AJA, FK8CR, JH1KRC, OH2BN, N4GN and VK3EW will assess the pileups in their respective areas and inform K6GNX by e-mail of any issues. Daily contacts will ensure that your comments reach the DXpedition in less than 24 hours. Some pilot traffic on the air will concern health and welfare messages for the families of the operators. The operators and their families will appreciate your consideration during these brief times.

The TXØDX team reminds DXers that the pilot is not in a position to secure your contact as such, nor can he be very specific about TXØDX band selection on any given day. The general observations for any major band openings that are not being covered by the DXpedition are the primary subject of the dialogue between the DX audience and the pilot.

There will be daily status reports on any problems, changes in the operating schedule, weather and other human interest items sent to the editors of DX bulletins. If you don't get through on the first day, remember that this is an all-time new one for everybody and the pileups will decrease after the first day or two.

Remember also that March is still typhoon season and while no adverse weather is expected, there may be variations in the operating dates to dodge any major storms. The team has promised that if there is a weather-related delay they will stay longer to give as many as possible the new country.

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