Scarborough Reef Maps

The following map shows the location of Scarborough Reef (Huang Yan Dao) in the South China Sea. A more detailed map (229 kb jpg image) is available from the University of Texas Map Collection.
[South China Sea map]

This sketch, drawn by Chen Ping, BA1HAM, leader of the first two BS7H DXpeditions, shows the relative location of the BS7H operating positions:
[Scarborough map]
Rock 1 - Site of infamous 1994 'scaffold' operation. Secondary site for BS7H 1995.
Rock 2 - Primary operating site for BS7H 1995. Planned primary site for BS7H 1997.
Rock 3 - Site of PRC survey marker obelisk.
Rock 4 - To be explored for possible use by BS7H 1997.

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