BS7H 1997 Bulletin 08

0230Z, 02 May 1997

Signals from BS7H on auroral and polar paths have been weaker today, while other areas continue to report good openings. As this bulletin is being written, a minor geomagnetic storm is in progress, with the Boulder K index reported at 5. The Space Environment Center has forecast additional Ks of 4 through 1800Z, 02 May. Let's hope it gets better from there!

The BS7H team has three HF stations simultaneously on the air now. The six-meter beacon is off the air due to a technical problem which they hope to have resolved soon. The team reports they have logged a total of approximately 7000 QSOs thus far.

Activity on the BS7H 1997 Home Page has increased steadily since the beginning of the operation. During one recent 24-hour period, there were 969 visitors to the site with a total of 11,947 hits, including all the sub-pages!

For additional information, please visit the BS7H 1997 Home Page ( or contact Tim Totten, N4GN, at e-mail or fax +1-502-239-7766.
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