BS7H 1997 Bulletin 04

0115Z, 28 April, 1997

N4GN spoke with N7NG and JA1BK at 0100Z today, 28 April. The ship has been loaded, and the BS7H 1997 operating team will depart Guangzhou within the hour. Wayne and Kan report that everyone is pumped up and ready to go!

The estimated time of arrival at Scarborough Reef is 1800Z, 29 April. Note, however, that 1800Z equates to 2 A.M. local time at the reef. The first operating site will almost certainly not be established until some time after sunrise. If all goes well, BS7H will be on the air approximately 0200Z, 30 April.

An amateur HF station has already been established on the ship, and the team intends to be active as BS7H/MM while en route to the reef. Watch 14195 kHz. QSL BS7H/MM via W6RGG.

For additional information, please visit the BS7H 1997 Home Page ( or contact Tim Totten, N4GN, at e-mail or fax +1-502-239-7766.
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