BS7H 1997 Bulletin 02

19 March, 1997

Planning for the BS7H 1997 DXpedition to Huang Yan Dao (Scarborough Reef) is proceeding on schedule. Several team members, including Wang, BA1OK and Kan, JA1BK met recently in Guangzhou to finalize all details regarding the ship with Captain Wang Jian-xi and his crew. Arrangements were also made for generators, fuel, food and the numerous other supplies necessary to ensure the success of the operation.

The BS7H 1997 operating team has now been finalized:

Wang, BA1OK (Team Leader)
Gong, BA1DU
Chen, BA4RC
Wang, BD4RX
Jian, BD7JG
Zhang, BG7KW
Kan, JA1BK
Kazuo, JA1RJU
Wayne, N7NG
Jim, W6EU (ex-WA6AUE)
Bob, W6RGG

Brief 'bios' on each of the operators will be added to the BS7H 1997 Home Page ( very soon. Recent additions to the Home Page include a map showing the location of Scarborough Reef and a sketch of the reef itself, indicating the rough position of each of the operating sites. Some interesting comments from Bob, NM7M regarding propagation between Scarborough Reef and the eastern half of the U.S. have also been added to the Home Page. Check it out!

For additional information, please contact Tim Totten, N4GN (ex-KJ4VH), at e-mail or fax +1-502-239-7766.
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