BS7H 1997 Bulletin 01

16 February, 1997

The Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA) has today announced plans for the third DXpedition to Huang Yan Dao, located in the South China Sea. A multinational team, led by BA1OK and JA1BK, will set sail from the southern Chinese port city of Guangzhou (a.k.a. Canton) on 28 April, and is expected to commence the one-week operation from Huang Yan Dao on Wednesday, 30 April, using the call sign BS7H.

The primary goal of this operation is to provide at least one QSO with as many individual DXers as possible. For this reason, the operators will concentrate on those regions having the most difficult propagation paths (e.g., the eastern half of the U.S.), giving DXers in every corner of the globe the best possible chance to make it in the log.

A secondary goal will be to provide QSOs on additional bands and modes, including 160 through 6 meters, CW, SSB, satellite and RTTY, with as many as four stations simultaneously on the air. Operators for BS7H 1997 include BA1OK, JA1BK (who will also serve as QSL manager), JA1RJU, N7NG, W6EU (ex-WA6AUE) and W6RGG. The complete operating team, as well as the list of transmit frequencies, will be announced once they have been finalized.

BS7H 1997 will also employ an 'operations support network' consisting of several stations throughout the world which will be in constant communication with the operating team from the time of their departure until their safe return. This will allow the world-wide DX community an opportunity to follow the progress of this international project and provide feedback to the operating team in near real time.

Thanks to the CRSA's tireless efforts to promote Amateur Radio within the People's Republic of China and to develop relationships with key agencies, this DXpedition enjoys strong support from the PRC government. In particular, the DXpedition team wishes to recognize the assistance of the Ocean Bureau and Sports Commission. (The Sports Commission is a ministry-level organization responsible for regulating Amateur Radio in the PRC.)

Finally, a very special thanks is due to the early sponsors of BS7H 1997--Yaesu, Cushcraft, the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) and the International DX Association (INDEXA). Yaesu has provided five transceivers and an amplifier. Five HF antennas have been supplied by Cushcraft. NCDXF and INDEXA have each contributed significant financial support to this operation. Individual contributions to BS7H 1997 will be gratefully accepted at the conclusion of the operation.

Further details will be announced on the DX reflector and the BS7H 1997 Home Page ( as they become available. For additional information, please contact Tim Totten, N4GN (ex-KJ4VH), at e-mail or fax +1-502-239-7766.
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