N4GN.com DX Log Searches

Log searches are available at N4GN.com for several DX operations. There are now three methods for searching these logs:

Method 1 - Via E-mail:

Just send an e-mail to the appropriate address below, and include up to ten call signs to be searched for. These search calls can be put in the subject header or the first 100 characters of the message body. The results will be e-mailed back to you, typically in about one minute.

Available E-mail Log Searches at N4GN.com:

Method 2 - Via Web Form:

Submit your search request via the following form and the results will be e-mailed to you. Again, it typically takes about a minute to receive the results. In order to receive the results, you must enter a valid e-mail address!

Select the DX log to search:

Enter up to 10 search call signs:
Enter your e-mail address:

Method 3 - Via Mobile Phone:

Yes, you can now search DX logs via your mobile phone! All you need is a phone with WAP browsing capability. This is often called "mobile Internet" access or some other marketing name specific to your carrier. Basically, any mobile phone that's not completely ancient has this capability, although it may cost you extra to use, depending on your rate plan. If you have a WAP-capable phone, just go to the following address to get started:


Having Trouble?

See the FAQ for answers to typical questions.

How Does it All Work?

Lots of people have asked how my e-mail log searches work. I've attempted to put together a brief explanation.

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