H4ØAA QSL Information

[H4ØAA limited edition QSL] ONLY special limited edition H4ØAA QSLs will be handled via W6OSP:
Temotu Development Fund
c/o Bruce Butler, W6OSP
4220 Chardonnay Court
Napa CA 94558

[H4ØAA limited edition QSL 
(Original PDF file available via FTP--59 kB.)

The following information applies to the special limited edition QSLs:

All other H4ØAA QSLs will be handled by OH2BN:

Jarmo J. Jaakola, OH2BN
Kiilletie 5C30
Helsinki 00710

The Solomon Islands Radio Society (SIRS) has kindly requested that DXers not send any cards via the H4 QSL bureau. OH2BN will reply to H4ØAA requests via the OH bureau after the initial batch of direct requests are serviced.

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