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Search for your QSOs in the H4ØAA log! Because of the size of the H4ØAA log, the search may take as long as 60-70 seconds--or even longer during peak traffic times. Please be patient.

Enter your call sign:

The H4ØAA log database can now be searched automatically via e-mail! Simply send a message to h40aa-log@n4gn.com with your call sign in the subject line of the message. In a few seconds, you will receive an automatic reply e-mail with your H4ØAA log entries.

Your e-mail request should look something like this:

Note that you can only check one call at a time.

If you find a discrepancy that you believe might be due to an error in the log database, please report the details to the "help" address indicated in the reply message that you receive and someone will manually research it. Please do not send log search requests to the "help" address!

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