H4ØAA Bulletin 07

H4ØAA Is Closing Down
12 April 1998

The multinational H4ØAA expedition will be closing down entirely at 9 AM
local time, Monday, April 13 (18.00 UTC Sunday) and a Solomon Airlines
chartered Twin-Otter airplane is expected to land around 21.00 UTC to take
the H4ØAA group and their equipment back to Honiara, the capital of 
Solomon Islands.

The expedition set several targets, and either met or exceeded them in all
respects.  The overall QSO target of 65,000 was passed on Sunday morning
and the number of different stations logged is expected to reach a record
high.  A special effort was made to work those pileups down for one QSO
each DXer in all highly populated areas during the first phase of the

Two factors will be of specific interest to the DX audience:  there were
no more than five operators on the island at any given time because of
limited facilities.  Crew rotation was effected in such a smooth fashion
that continuity and overall operating strategy were maintained without
interruption.  While three beam antennas were employed with five Yaesu
FT1000MP/FT900AT based stations plus amps, logistical operations were
undertaken by individual members as "hand carry", thus avoiding often
risky and bureaucratic airfreight related customs formalities.  One
complete station with a triband beam antenna will be left behind for
permanent operations by the Solomon Islands Radio Society (SIRS).

Several computers were utilized, thus providing for quick and effective
QSL management.  The actual QSL design is already in progress and cards
will be ready within the next two weeks.  In the meantime, a Special
Edition H4ØAA QSL policy has been established with the Northern California
DX Foundation.  Regular QSL requests should be sent via OH2BN and Special
Edition QSL requests (see a separate announcement) via W6OSP.

It is planned that a website log checking facility will be available at
the H4ØAA homepage (http://www.n4gn.com/h40aa/) as soon as the multitude
of logs are fully integrated.

Several parties have enquired about the history of locating Temotu for
consideration as another new DXCC entity.  It all goes back to 1989-1990
when Martti, OH2BH/W6 spent long hours at the Fresno University Library's
Map Room in California and researched DMA maps for potential new counters
in the Pacific.  Temotu was found with sufficient distance, and together
with the then H44SH, Stuart Honeysett (now G6VUO), initial efforts were
launched to mount a first-ever DXpedition to Temotu.  Much to their
disappointment, the Solomons Ministry of Lands indicated that separation
by open water fell just a mile or so short of the needed 225 miles.  It
took another eight years and another revision of maps before this gap was
closed after the ARRL readjusted the 225-mile requirement to 350

For those who may wish to practise their math skills, the coordinates from
both ends of open water are as follows:

DMA 82499 (based on British Admiralty chart of 1992) close-up of
Santa Cruz Islands (1:350,000)

Sta. Ana  -  010 deg 50 min 05 sec South, 162 deg 29 min 30 sec East
Nendo     -  010 deg 47 min 24 sec South, 165 deg 44 min 50 sec East

In the meantime, the Solomons Ministry of Lands has revised their maps and
submitted a complete set of current ones as an attachment to the DXCC
application filed by the Solomon Islands Radio Society.  The statement
includes their confirmation of 350-kilometer separation.  With all
documents in hand, the ARRL is expected to announce a prompt decision on
the addition of Temotu to the Current DXCC Countries List, with contacts
counting from April 1, 1998.

The operating team - H44GP, H44GR, JA5DQH, N4GN, N7NG, OHØXX, OH1RY,
OH2BH, OH2TA, W6OSP and 9V1YC - is especially grateful for the efforts of
our regional coordinators - G3ZAY, K4MQG and K6GNX - who provided an
important link and feedback to and from the outside world.  A big word of
thanks is also due to NCDXF, INDEXA, Yaesu Musen Co Ltd, Solomon Airlines,
Mikrolog Ltd, FinnFet Ltd and the Solomon Islands Radio Society and many
others who helped to make this Temotu DXpedition possible.  The H4ØAA
DXpedition is now history.

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