H4ØAA Bulletin 05

H4ØAA Operations Commence!
03 April 1998

The H4ØAA operation from Temotu commenced on April 1 as planned, with
initial spots on Stateside DX PacketClusters monitored in Europe reporting
busy traffic within minutes of first contacts.  Ever since, pileups have
been tremendous, indicative of extensive worldwide interest in what will
be a new DXCC entity, pending approval of the new country application.

Assuming that propagation conditions remain at least at current levels,
everyone is certain to get a fair chance to put this one into their logs.

In a rather unprecedented development, H4ØAA will have two stations
simultaneously on 15 meters SSB throughout this weekend.  One will be on
21195 kHz and the other on 21295 kHz.  They will cover the entire weekend
this way through Sunday night.  This will be a major effort to work as
many of the Deserving as possible over the weekend.

WARC band enthusiasts, please note:  the 18 MHz yagi will go up tomorrow,

The fourth complete station (FT1000MP + Alpha) comes on-line tomorrow with
the arrival of Olli, OHØXX.  This will allow H4ØAA to have four full
stations active 24 hours a day for the rest of the DXpedition.  Currently,
there are three stations running round-the-clock.

Remember, H44RY and H44DX QSOs count for Solomon Islands credit, while
H4ØAA QSOs will count for the new Temotu Islands DXCC entity.

H44DX and H4ØAA via OH2BN

Also, the H4ØAA DXpedition Web Site is now available at
the following URL:


Good luck to everyone in the pileups!

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