H4ØAA Bulletin 04

H4ØAA Operating Plan
29 March 1998

H4ØAA hits the air at 2359 UTC, 31 March, and will continue through the
early hours (UTC) of 13 April.  Normally, three stations will be in
service at any given time.  For the first several days, two stations will
run almost exclusively SSB--primarily on 20 and 15 meters.  The idea is to
use 15 meters initially for working down the JA pileup, while 20 will be
used to work the rest of the world.  During this time, the third station
will concentrate on CW, emphasizing 40 meters at night and 17 meters
during the day.

Beginning 06 April, the emphasis will change to CW operation, and paying
more attention to the other bands.  Still, it is expected that the
"workhorse bands" will continue to be used for the European openings. 
Throughout the operation, particular attention will be paid to working
Europe whenever and wherever possible.

RTTY operation will begin on 08 April, and will be limited to 15 and
20 meters.

While details of the operating strategy may be fine tuned according to
propagation conditions, antenna performance and other factors, the H4ØAA
team would like to emphasize that they intend to stick to the basic plan
outlined above.  In this way, all DXers will be given the maximum
opportunity to make at least one QSO with this "new one" during the early
days of the operation.  Big gun DXers can also relax after their initial
QSOs at the beginning of the DXpedition, knowing they will have plenty of
opportunity to rack up additional bands and modes, starting 06 April.

Following is the complete, updated list of H4ØAA transmit frequencies,
incorporating the changes announced earlier:

CW--1824.5, 3504, 7004, 10104, 14024, 18074,
    21024, 24894, 28024 and 50104 kHz
SSB--1824.5, 3775, 7045, 14195, 18135,
     21295, 24945, 28395 and 50104 kHz
RTTY--14083 and 21083 kHz

QSL H4ØAA via OH2BN.  Good luck to everyone in the pileups!

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