H4ØAA Bulletin 03

H44 Call Signs and H4ØAA Web Site
24 March, 1998

The call sign for the all-band effort from Temotu in this weekend's CQ WPX
SSB contest has now been confirmed as H44RY.  While this operation will
take place from the H4ØAA DXpedition site, it will count for Solomon
Islands DXCC credit because it will take place prior to the new DXCC rules
becoming effective at 2359Z on 31 March.
Another call sign, H44DX, has been assigned for use from Honiara, the
Solomon Islands' capital, as the DXpedition operators pass through on
their way to and from Temotu.  Because of the operators' varying travel
schedules, the H44DX call may be heard on the air before, after, and even
during the H4ØAA operation.  Be sure you know which DX you are working!

Remember, H44RY and H44DX QSOs count for Solomon Islands credit, while
H4ØAA QSOs will count for the new Temotu Islands DXCC entity, pending
approval of the application.  QSL H44RY via OH1RY and H44DX via OH2BN.

Also, the H4ØAA DXpedition Web Site is now available at the following URL:


Although currently very basic, the site will continue to be expanded and

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