1999 E44DX Palestine DXpedition
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Slide 1: Palestine is made up of two pieces of land including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. E44DX operated from Gaza City. No, the distance between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is not enough to qualify as two new ones!

Slide 2: Deputy Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Zuhair Al-Laham giving us our licenses.

Slide 3: The Palestine Hotel was our home for the week. We were located on the 5th floor in the three rooms on the left.

Slide 4: Pekka, OH1RY, was the first licensed non-Palestinian.

Slide 5: OH1RY was also our antenna specialist. The vertical to his right was given to the Palestinian Amateur Wireless Society (PAWS) and is now being used by E44/OZ6ACB from the West Bank.

Slide 6: Bernie, W3UR, on his second DXpedition.

Slide 7: Pekka, OH2TA, enjoyed both the SSB and CW pileups.

Slide 8: During a celebration barbeque hosted by Sami, E44B, the E44DX team gave two radios to PAWS in order to continue the activity from this new counter.

Slide 9: President Yasser Arafat, expressing his support for ham radio, sent his regards to the worldwide amateur community.

E44DX DXpedition